About Four Fin (retired)

We're all in.

Our strategists know design.
Our designers are strategic.
Our clients work directly with both. 

At Four Fin, we bring the best solutions forward by getting to know our clients and thinking critically in their best interest. We thrive on collaboration, honest conversations, and a good *virtual* toast.

The Fins.

Hey there partner.

We’re a woman-owned company who celebrates diversity, and seek to partner with talent who bring unique perspectives. We love to collaborate with our growing creative community. Currently, we’re especially interested in web developers, animators and videographers.

We're Hiring.

Project Manager

We’re a woman-owned company seeking our next Fin. We welcome diversity of race, culture, thought, and lifestyles. You don’t have to surf, but if you want to learn, we’re here for it. You do however have to love details and perfectly organized file libraries. 

Remember when this was real life?

In all seriousness,

we care deeply about corporate branding, graphic design, industry trends, company culture, and more.

Dive into the minds of our team on our Four Fin blog, The Deep End.

“Four Fin was a delight to work with. As a web development and design firm, we obviously had high standards in choosing an external firm to support us through our rebrand. Four Fin clearly understood our goals and personality, and were able to bring their solid design strategy and perspective to point us in a new direction.”

– Maiya Holliday, Founder and CEO, Mangrove Web Development

Are you a wave maker?

We want to encourage you to push past the splash zone and build real momentum, whatever your mission is. Grab a make waves sticker, on us, and get out there!