Trestle Build

Building affordable city living

Rooted in both the human and economic side of Real Estate development, Trestle Build uses innovative funding strategies to create naturally affordable housing in urban locations.

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Articulating true north.


Trestle was preparing the launch of one of its first highly visible housing projects and recognized the existing brand was falling short in articulating its purpose and promise, not only externally across communications, but within the growing organization itself.


During Brand Camp, we uncovered the core concept behind Trestle’s existence – Accessible Urbanism. The company is truly broadening urban accessibility to residents from a wider range of income levels and we wanted to make sure the brand celebrated this feat.

We refreshed the Trestle visual identity to better align with this foundational concept and created a visual style guide, sketched wireframes, and copy queues for their web development team to quickly implement.

Accessible urbanism with a human approach.

Brand Guide and Asset Library

Branded Collateral

“They call it Brand Camp, but it could have been called  Brand Therapy. The ladies at Four Fin went the extra mile to help me identify our company’s core values and ethos, building the brand from the inside out.”

– David Allen, CEO / Founding Principle of Trestle Build

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