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BAM, an independent PR and Marketing services powerhouse, represents barrier-breaking brands in the enterprise and consumer tech space.

What They Got
Visual Identity
Website Design and Development
Branded Collateral
Branded Templates
Presentation Decks
Sustainable Swag
Event Branding
Signage and Banners

Retaining personality while jumping into a bigger pond.


BAM found itself facing several key challenges centered around a theme common for young, thriving businesses: Rapid growth.

BAM’s work was garnering attention from a larger, higher cache client roster, they were adding a more diverse staff and services, and had new ideas for moving the company forward. They needed to grow into these new shoes without losing the personality that got them there.


Frequent re-alignment of the brand to keep up with growth supports the firm’s position as an innovator and leader in the field. The latest brand refresh introduces bold team photography, videography, and custom conceptual art. The updates more accurately represent the agency while supporting BAM’s lasting commitment to moving stories forward for their clients. 

A visual refresh annually to keep the brand aligned with updated goals.

Responsive Website

Instagram Profile Styling
and Post Templates

Power Point Template Designs


  • Established themselves as THE PR company in the Consumer Tech space and for Enterprise level clients wanting a fresh perspective
  • Consistent year-over-year growth
  • Competitive advantage in their ability to attract top talent 
  • Getting the right leads in their sales funnel due to business and brand alignment

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Emma O'Regan

Emma O'Regan

Graphic Designer

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