Bring your best brand to life.

Building a brand takes energy. Paddle in the right direction. 

We are a branding team in Southern California that keeps it real. We won’t use jargon or unicorn glitter when presenting concepts. We work side by side with progress-driven companies. What is “progress-driven”? For us it means that they are grinding hard to make a difference in the world, and aiming to scale their impact. We help them see branding differently, and use design wisely, to live out the best, most contagious version of their story. We help them make waves. 

You know the power of an authentic brand.
We know how to pull it out of you.

Brand Identity

If you’re not thinking about your brand early and often, you’ll swim in circles. We focus on brand identity: the core concepts and visuals behind your brand. We kick it off in a focused 2-week effort, called Brand Camp™.

Graphic Design

Design gives your brand momentum on everything from proposals and pitch decks to media kits and swag. For a consistent and purposeful brand experience, invest in professional design as you build out your story. 


We work with marketing consultants, internal marketing teams, and PR firms as the creative arm to their strategic initiatives. We help develop campaign creative with a big picture grasp on the brand and business.


Once you’ve worked hard to gain site visitors, make sure they lead to engagement, brand loyalty, and trust. We craft beautiful branded websites and landing pages with the users experience of meeting you in mind. 

Case Study: BAM Communications

Helping a brand growing at breakneck speed stay on course.

A fresh brand in 2 weeks? It's possible. Welcome to Brand Camp.


Brand Camp was everything I was hoping for and more. My favorite part truly was the interaction/feedback between Four Fin and myself. By nature, I am a hands-on visual person and having the ability to provide feedback and receive feedback was truly appreciated.

– Lucy Dugger, The Loaf Bar CEO

Good brands are felt, not seen.

We believe that branding is so much more than visuals.

When done right, and lived out, a core brand concept can shape business decisions far beyond the next marketing campaign. We don’t just splash good visuals around. We help you make waves.

Keep an eye on the tide.

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An independent, female-led branding studio in SoCal helping progress-driven companies make waves.

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