Our clients are crushing it.

They’re solving global issues, shifting stale industries, and empowering our best selves. They are constantly developing new ways to inspire us and rally us together for a greater good. Here in San Diego, and beyond.

We seek to partner with clients and external teams who are diverse, care about our planet, and are building progress-driven companies. If that’s you,

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New Energy Nexus

Clean Energy for the World

Lovesong Beauty

As nature intended


Branding the backbone of farm data


A new brand to inspire more

Studio West

A monumental recording studio and school

Altia Systems

Shifting the perspective on video conferencing


Igniting the pioneers in outdoor connectivity


Refreshing a brand to tap into consumers


Helping a brand growing at breakneck speed stay on course

Ready to make waves?

The power of brand design drives us every day to help our clients grow. We’re not in the business of “servicing accounts.” At Four Fin, we embark on passion-driven partnerships.