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Welcome to Turn the Tide: a contest to uncover and amplify tomorrow’s most needed climate solutions. We're awarding one game-changing startup a strategic brand refresh to gain momentum in their mission to tackle the climate issues we’re furthest behind on.
At this point, it’s clear.
The earth is heating up and Mother Nature is… pissed.
Luckily, teams are forming, and money is flowing, to help solve the myriad challenges we face. For it to work, these ambitious solutions also need to share bold, engaging stories and visuals to bring the world along with them as they deliver us a better future.
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Turn the tide

It's your time to shine

Because, here’s the thing…

We need the right solutions for the climate challenges we face

Not all ideas are immediately recognized for the value they provide

Not every startup team with passion and a proof of concept can afford an agency

We don’t need climate companies to spend 3-6 months in a branding exercise. The world doesn’t have the time.

The Challenge


The Speed & Scale Framework by John Doerr

The Speed & Scale Framework by John Doerr


Solutions that address ‘Code Red’ and ‘Off Course’ Climate Challenges

Early stage teams with at least $200K in funding, or earned revenue.

Companies with brand story potential 


Brand Strategy & Messaging
Visual Identity Suite
Complete Brand Guide
Deck Template

Partner with Turn the Tide

Get early access to ready and need-to-grow solutions

Enjoy brand exposure through campaign outreach

Demonstrate leadership on pressing climate issues

Show your commitment to impact beyond renewables and EVs

Turn the tide

Turn the Tide

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Carly DeMento

Carly DeMento

Content Strategist + Copywriter

Wordsmith, strategist, and overall language ninja.



Curious & Inventive
Theme song:


Janelle Monae
  • Give her a snack and she’ll love you forever. This is one extremely food motivated human. Tacos, cheese n crackers, and dark chocolate are all accepted forms of currency.
  • She once traveled around the world by herself in less than three months. Her favorite places on the planet (so far) are Chiapas and Sicily. 
  • Her first word was moon.


Evan Shulman

Evan Shulman

Brand Strategist

In order to make big waves (and have fun riding them!), helps craft a solid, substantive, (super bad) soul of a brand.



Fun-loving & versatile
Theme song:
Rüfüs du Sol (Lane 8 Remix)
  • Proud 90’s U.S. Space Camp Graduate where I got as close as I was gonna get to my kid aspirations of being an astronaut. Now super happy to be an Earthonaut (like you).
  • For fun I read wikipedia articles, watch youtube explainers, and look up the etymology of words, often leading to waaayyyy too many tabs open in my browser.
  • I’ve DJed on an art car at Burning Man. My “theme song” is what got the vibe going.