Electrified Thermal Solutions

Electrified Bricks for Building the Future

It’s easy to imagine storing energy as heat in a conductor-like coils inside an insulator. We can all picture our toaster coils heating up inside the insulated toaster. But, what if the insulator were brick. And, what if the brick was also the conductor? What if the brick was electrified? That’s exactly what ETS has created – a battery solution that used material science to turn brick into an efficient thermal energy storage.

What They Got
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Uncovering Creative Modularity

This simple form factor, an electrified brick, made scalable applications a no-brainer. The modularity means their technology could be used on a small scale, as a single unit or stack to fill a 45-meeter thermal tower. We made sure the brand could be modular as well with a flexible design system that could be easily applied to all of their assets.

Leaning into the form factor as inspiration, our main challenge was ensuring that our interpretation of the brick never felt boxy or stale. An electric color palette combined with blocky sans serif type Nippo gave life to a simple but unique logo depicting angled bricks. By bringing in high-energy images and bold-type moments, we took this scientific discovery into a modern brand brick by exciting brick

Not Your Typical Building Blocks

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