Partner for growth

Growflow provides cannabis businesses with software and compliance tools to help them run more efficiently in a rapidly evolving industry. Even more than software, Growflow is obsessed with helping their clients succeed, and was ready for a refreshed brand that would help them articulate this seed-to-scale partnership mentality.

Brand Session

Brand Strategy 

Visual Identity

Website Styling

Growflow Hero

Playful, purple, professional

The new visual identity is a fresh take on cannabis business empowerment; a playful illustration library, punchy CTA graphics, and bold fonts. We maintained Growflow’s signature purple, a color not common in the predominantly ‘green’ space and also a nod to the brand’s original color palette.

Growflow Illustrations
Growflow Block
Growflow Brand Guide

The new brand elements enabled the Growflow team to rollout the up-leveled brand within a matter of months, raising the bar for the four-year-old company and the cannabis industry as a whole.

Raising the bar

Growflow Website

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