New Energy Nexus

Clean energy for the world

New Energy Nexus is the world’s leading ecosystem of funds and accelerators supporting diverse clean energy entrepreneurs with climate solutions. When we met them, they were in need of a new visual identity to better reflect their global progress toward their mission of 100% clean energy for the 100%.

What They Got
Visual Identity
Branded Collateral 
Presentation Deck
Report Design

Accelerating the Transition

Not only is their work accelerating the clean energy transition, our teams worked seamlessly to accelerate their visual identity refresh. See what we did there? Their CEO had a podcast with Cate Blanchett scheduled and knew that an updated visual identity needed to be in place for that publicity and the attention that would bring the organization. 

The NEX team was ready to jump into action across channels as soon as possible. We set them up for success with marketing templates for everything from email to social, and an example of how the brand could be used on the web. 

Rapid implementation with the right tools

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