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Guiding more sustainable energy sourcing

Pilot Power Group, an energy procurement services provider, helps institutions and communities transition to wholesale energy sourcing, as well as transition to a cleaner mix of power.

Coming to us with several brands to navigate after a national merger, the stakes of a potential new name, as well as new leadership and sustainability on the forefront of this twenty year old company’s future, we were ready to help them step into a national spotlight as they prepared for their marketing to compete against world-class brands.

What They Got
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Logo Redesign


Pilot before and after

The flexible identity system was refined with a signature mark that’s a nod to both Pilot’s support with liftoff, as well as to alternative power sources. The colors were updated across the brand and its subsidiaries to show a lively and stand-out color palette and we supported their new brand with flexible layout, website, collateral, team swag, and a presentation.

Sophisticated Service

Pilot logo and submark
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Pilot web design
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Navigating Change

Stewarding their leadership and growing team through a re-envisioning of their brand, we learned that the name Pilot isn’t just a name; it was also a two decade legacy of concierge service. We uncovered their deep and lasting commitment of helping their clients navigate often complex transitions in states that offer deregulated energy options. The brand needed to elevate as well as convey their new partnerships for community choice power and helping customers committed to zero emissions and ESG directives.

Pilot before and after
Pilot web design
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