Rock Steady

Bringing national attention to category creators and the frontier innovators of science, all on a Tuesday? Meet Seismic and you’ll be treated to some of the most rock-solid ethics and ethos in all of PR.


What They Got
Brand Strategy 
Visual Identity
Website Design
Presentation Deck
Photo Production

Creating an identity to hold past and future successes.

Seismic focuses on communicating breakthroughs in health and life sciences, and came to us ready to show the stripes they’ve earned in helping their clients raise over a BILLION dollars, with three billion people reached in the process. Their new identity had to reflect what they’ve achieved and also pave the way for future growth. 

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We partnered to rebrand Seismic and paddle them out in the market with a custom motion graphics story-telling video, photoshoot, a fully custom website coded by our partners at Mangrove, and master powerpoint deck template. We also supplied training for the whole team to utilize the new brand assets.

A steady brand, built from the ground up.

Seismic was acquired by Spectrum Science in 2022. Read the full story here.

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