Brand Session

A 3-week collaborative brand sprint

Your brand should be working hard for you, to tell the compelling story that makes you stand out clearly and consistently.

Join some of the world-changing companies we’ve branded through a Brand Session and benefit from a more nimble and collaborative approach.

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Brand Strategy​

We dive just deep enough to uncover the big idea that sets you apart and then we give you the tools to act on it.
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We capture the visual essence of your brand through rapid iteration and collaboration with you.

3 Weeks

Gone are the days of lengthy rebrands that halt progress and hold up marketing. Free up your team’s energy and inspire your organization to keep paddling forward.
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Walk away with the identity clarity you need to make an impact in your organization, industry, and the world-at-large.

Ready to uplevel your business & brand?

Grounded in strategy and designed to last, the brands developed in Brand Sessions happen with you, not just for you. This brand sprint might be all you need to keep your team moving, and if that’s true, we’ll be rooting you on. Most stay aboard with the Fins and to paddle out through a new website build, asset development and more.

What You Get

Strategy & Concept
Visual Identity Suite
Brand Guide
Brand Deliverables

Some of our Brand Sessions alum

Partnerships we believe in

Four Fin gives each client dedicated attention during Brand Sessions. The work we do together is important and course-setting. While these are 3-week intensives, for many Brand Sessions alum we serve as their branding partners throughout their stages of growth.

For those reasons, we cannot take on every interested client. We seek companies who prioritize sustainability, that we feel passionately about and believe in. If you have vision, understand your market, think fast, and embrace being challenged, let’s break through the unexpected and create a truly transformative brand.

Brand Session

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Ready to get your feet wet?
Chiao Huang

Chiao Huang

Brand Designer

Crafting unique experiences through design.



Positive Attitude & Go Getter
Theme song:


  •  I grew up in a scuba diving family. I cried underwater when I failed my test when I was 10. Getting water out of your mask is one of the test categories. Yes, I got my license in the end.
    • I used to train to ride horses. One time, I got stepped on by a horse and I screamed, but forgot to push it away. My toe was ok tho.
    • Used to want to be a fine art artist but instead doing murals as side hustle nowadays.


Emma O'Regan

Emma O'Regan

Graphic Designer

Turns clients’ visions into designs that are creative, cohesive and compelling while keeping all the little details in mind.



Caring & Methodical
Theme song:

This Must Be the Place

Talking Heads
  • Gets excited about nicely designed labels, cheap sunglasses, and new book smell
  • Youngest of 3, with a big gap between the oldest and me, my go-to revenge was stealing one shoe. Not the pair, just one.
  • Drawn to design because of the power in visual communication