Creative Tools for Remote Teams

Creative Tools for Remote Teams

On September 24th, 2020 – The Fins held an informal webinar sharing some of our favorite remote collaboration tools and creative resources, and what to be cautious of. The list below is a resource list for those tools covered in the webinar. If you didn’t attend the webinar, but want to see the recording, reach out and we’ll send you a link. 

Google Slides

Dreams come true for designers and non-designers with this versatile and efficient platform. Reach out if you need a nicely designed Google slide template for your brand. 

Our favorite stock sites

There are a lot of best practices when selecting stock images, so use with caution! That said, when needing a visual asset that you can’t create custom due to time or budget, we lean on these resources. 

Robust remote collaboration software

When you don’t have your beloved whiteboard or cork board but you just have to get some ideas sketched out together as a team, or you want your entire design platform to be cloud-based and collaborative. Watch out Adobe, these tools are fire!

Simple tools we recommend

Sometimes all you need is a simple tool and you’ll be wasting time trying to get complicated. We’ve been working remotely with a high level of efficiency with the following favorites.

We're here to lend a fin.

Having tools that are tailored for your brand makes you and your team feel like superheros. 

When you have a great brand, executing it is just as important. We’ve helped clients create Google slide decks and Canva templates, or curate stock images and assets for their brand. We love empowering our friends to make waves!

If you have a quick question or want help, reach out at

If you’re ready to really uplevel your brand, we’re here for that too.