Privacy Dynamics

Flash Forward

In an age where data drives decision making, companies around the globe are facing a difficult decision: use personal data to drive growth or protect it to maintain consumer trust? Privacy Dynamics exists to bridge the gap between analytics and privacy, improving the relationship between personalized services and personal privacy for the next generation.

What They Got
Brand Identity
Custom Icons and Illustrations
Custom Animations
Marketing Tools 
Website with interactive Demo

Setting the stage right, and early

These mega-minds, with experience at the likes of Microsoft, and backed by investors like Slack, Upside Partnership and Root Ventures, set out to create the perfect dynamic balance between secure and usable data without stifling data intelligence. They needed a disruptive brand, that also built credibility as new players. 

In addition to a full visual rebrand, developed in our hallmark three week sprint Brand Session, we were engaged to extend their brand across their web presence, adding illustrations and deepening the visual understanding of their highly-scientific technology. Never losing sight of their initial target of data developers, we worked to make sure the brand had impact as an education resource, while staying relatable and light.

Paddling out with the tools needed to flash the industry forward.

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