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When we talk about sustainability and sustainable brands in the developed space, it’s easy to slap a fresh logo and let the built structure do the talking. But that’s stopping at brand identity and not necessarily differentiation. At Four Fin, we want more for our clients.

For companies who are sustainably evolving and challenging the built environment, branding can tell the story of why, how, and why now.

Meet five of our amazing boundary-pushing clients who are making places and spaces more equitable, accessible, and sustainable!

Regenerative Rockstar: Unfold Development

Daily, we’re inspired by Unfold Development. This female-led boutique developer brings regenerative practices to spaces: this means using principles of nature and community in traditional real estate development. Unfold supports the stories of unique places and the education of sustainable development.

Get in sync with the Unfold brand

Affordability Amazement: Trestle Build

Trestle Build works to ensure affordable housing makes it to market as quickly as possible. Rooted in both the human and economic side of urban housing, Trestle uses innovative strategies to make projects efficient and profitable, creating a unique model for naturally affordable housing.

Hey, Trestle brand build

Workplace Hero: Stok

Reimagining the built environment of work, Stok is seeking what’s truly sustainable. In a report we helped design, they’re solving the question: “What will most positively impact employee productivity, retention, and well-being?”

So Stoked to share the report

Chill Innovators: Shift

Living in a changing environment and making current buildings inhabitable requires efficiencies and innovation in engineering and HVAC. The remarkable folks at Shift Thermal are making advances in AC that’s 20% more energy efficient and at a cost savings. As they say, “Our world won’t stay green without advances in ice storage.”

Check out their cool case study

Cultivating Communities: Techo REC

The capital that makes attainable housing possible is Techo’s domain. They are a direct lender, working with developers and construction companies with flexible loan programs that strive to preserve communities, create, or preserve attainable housing. These projects provide entry level and middle income housing in job-proximate locations that strengthen communities and resident outcomes.

Branding and design helps to build up these amazing companies that are building with a better future in mind.

How could branding help you make your mark?

Reach out and let’s see if we’re a fit.

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We care deeply about sustainability branding, graphic design, industry trends, company culture, and more. Dive into the minds of our team on the Four Fin blog, The Deep End.

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