Shift Thermal

Energy efficient HVAC? Very cool.

Shift Thermal is engineered to transform HVAC. 

Air conditioning creates 7% of all greenhouse gasses with an expectation that it will double over the next 25 years. This is a sector that’s clamoring for revolution, at scale.

Shift is founded by scientists and engineers bringing together expertise in thermal fluids and energy storage. They came to us looking to clearly communicate IHEX, their energy storage technology, and to better connect and captivate HVAC manufacturers, building owners, and investors.

What They Got
Brand Strategy 
Visual Identity 
Website Design and Development 
Presentation Deck 
Digital Marketing Assets

HEX Yeah

To tie the IHEX technology, name and their company name more closely together, their logo uses a hexagon shifted to form a geometric S that partners well with the geometric design of their cooler units. The hexagon is referenced in other branding visuals as well. 

We structured their web outline so it addressed the concerns of risk, cost, and installation. Then, working with content written by this savvy team, we helped them nimbly move from science accuracy to brand confidence with our Brand Splash process. The result is a website that is as clear and practical as it is engaging.

When industries Shift, we all win.

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