Leading the Charge

ConnectDER’s adapters let anyone connect solar panels or EV chargers to their home at a fraction of the typical time and cost. They make Distributed Energy Resources (think solar and EVs) easy to adopt, bringing more homes onto the grid, faster than ever before. No panel upgrades required. Electricians just attach their meter socket adapter to your panel, and you’re charging forward. 

Coming to us while closing their Series C funding round, the ConnectDER team was ready to tell a more clear and compelling product story and evolve the brand to reflect their growth as a company.

What They Got
Brand Strategy
Visual Identity Refresh
Website Design and Development 
Presentation Deck
Social Media Templates
Trade Show Booth

Accessible Innovation

We love to support our energy transition, so when ConnectDER came to us with a proven product and a deep commitment to making electrification accessible, we were excited to help. While they opted to keep their logo, we electrified their visual language with vibrant colors and custom graphics in order to reflect the bold work the company is doing across the U.S.

In telling ConnectDER’s story, the team there prides themselves on their down-to-earth culture and humor. So it was essential to inject personality into every aspect of the brand. Watt up?!

Together, we extended the brand personality to a fully revamped website, decks and collateral, and a trade show booth design. With a new website, complete with an animation that demonstrates how ConnectDER’s adapters work and a map that shows where customers can find ConnectDER products at-a-glance, the company could charge out into the world, continuing to speed the transition to clean energy for homes across the nation.

Unlocking Electrification

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