Wasted branding

A start-up that knows their sh!t

Wasted* exists to ensure nothing is wasted. By re-imagining portable toilets. Yes, portapotties for good!

In redesigning the portable toilet, they’ve developed a unique Wasted* station that is both rad to use, and incredibly crucial to diverting waste.

What They Got
Brand Strategy
Visual Identity 
Brand Messaging 
Website Design and Development
Environmental Product Design 
Presentation Deck

From doom to bloom

Formed by a trio of incredible minds who are also outdoor enthusiasts, Wasted* is the years-long culmination of analyzing the toxic problems with porta potties. Traditional cans mix waste, drain that waste into pristine nature, and contaminate waterways around the globe.

Collecting #1 and #2 and safely turning it into fertilizer, Wasted* is the result of a love of the outdoors, and a commitment to believing if we know we can do better, we must.

Our work involved helping them coalesce their brand story and identity, turn that into a meaningful and action-oriented website to support sales as they take the brand to market.

As their beta units were ready for deployment, we also supported go-to-market with environmental graphics and branding their fleet.

Getting wasted in public

An innovation worth scaling

Seeing industry disruptors who are also incredible humans, backed by thoughtful investor partners, blew our minds and won our hearts. We can’t wait to find a Wasted* station on the West Coast, SOON.

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