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Uplifting the local seaconomy

Local Fish is a fishermen-first model working to transform our relationship with seafood, starting from the source. Their mission? By encouraging local public support and transparent fisheries, we can discover new ways to consume seafood that will protect our oceans for generations to come. 

The Local Fish founding team brought us everything needed to explore the depths of the sea and return to shore with a creatively-inspired, communal brand.

What They Got
Visual Identity
Brand Strategy
Website Design
LF logo

Go Fish!

Tapping into their inspiring ethos and NOAA-supported directive, together we created a new brand and helped them visualize their forthcoming website. Working with their requests for a salty, encouraging, and accessible brand that would feel as good on a fishing vessel as it would at a farmers market, we tapped into blues, oranges, and inspiring imagery.

Local Fish logos and graphics on various backgrounds
Local Fish branding by Four Fin
Local Fish branding by Four Fin
Local Fish branding by Four Fin

Local Fish’s deliverables included brand identity and guidelines (including logo, color palette, font selections), web wireframing and design. Strategically, we supported their team in visualizing how to bring this brand, and the fishermen it supports, out from the margins of our daily lives and into the mainstream.

Deep Sea Inspiration

Local Fish web design by Four Fin
Local Fish web design by Four Fin
Local Fish web design by Four Fin
Local Fish web design by Four Fin
Local Fish web design by Four Fin

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