Day: February 16, 2023

Making a Splash: Brand Splash at Four Fin

Brand Splash
Brand Splash

Where brand is holding you back

If you run an early stage company, there are a few brand building milestones where “making do with what you have” limits your opportunities. While we don’t think you have to go A+ branding out of the gates, there’s a difference between a brand that’s holding your place and a brand that’s holding you back. We most noticeably see this brand gap disadvantage when a company is:

Pitching to peers, advisors, or potential customers who just aren’t “getting it”

  • You’re getting meetings but no committed interest
  • Advisors are asking you to “better tell” or “better show” the problem-solution and synthesize your unique USP

Needing a compelling brand as you enter a fundraising round

  • You have some early support but you need quicker “yesses” and better introductions
  • You feel that you’re not as distinct as you should be
  • Your deck is primarily about your technology / function and is seeking more depth

Craving a clearer brand prior to early go-to-market

  • You know that things need to be made simpler for media, early marketing efforts, and entry into larger audience groups
There are points along the journey where your solution needs to look as good as it is brilliant.

So we built Brand Splash: deep enough to provide understanding and credibility, but light enough to not hold up progress.

Check out our Brand Splash for Shift Thermal. See how these revolutionary A/C engineers made a splash.

When the full brand building experience is still premature, we’re here to craft the following alongside you.

Four Fin’s Brand Splash includes:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Website Content Strategy
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Custom-designed WordPress Website

We don’t skip needed steps or thoughtfulness, but we don’t overcomplicate it either. Our Brand Splash solution has allowed us to do all of the above in four months with a $20K investment.

We’ve always prioritized empowering our clients over churning out brands; in this nimble package, we distill the essentials of brand building, and chart a course with the tools and confidence it takes to reach the next level.

Who do you know that might want in on this? Let’s get the conversation started.