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Hio Social is an up and coming connection platform creating better event experiences for organizers and attendees.

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Functionally focused, but emotionally charged.


Formerly Contap Social, the growing startup offers a robust platform of features for its b2b (event organizers) and b2c (attendees) audiences. Through our audit, we determined that the organization was focusing the brand and communications heavily on the functionality of its offering.

Additionally, Contap had a consistent visual presence, but the overall experience wasn’t quite hitting the mark in communicating its emotional benefit and larger mission of cultivating personal and professional relationships among its users.



During our two week Brand Camp, we uncovered the key insight that building and maintaining relationships happen when we discover our common thread with one another. This became our driving concept in rethinking each element of the brand. 

We developed a new name, ‘Hio,’ an acronym for ‘Hit it off,’ as their product facilitates more than just adding a contact to your ‘network’. The refreshed visual identity takes a bold, yet playful approach to blending personal with professional, making networking a little more delightful.

As part of the new identity, we developed a playful submark of a butterfly shaped by map pins coming together, alluding to the social nature of the brand and one of its key location-based features.

Celebrating the moment we find our connection

Brand Guide

Website Visual Guide

“We’re overjoyed with the results from the Fin’s Brand Camp! Their talented crew, rapid iterations and process-driven approach helped ensure we landed on the best possible result to represent our brand. Our customers, investors, and team love our new brand. Hio!”

– Jason Craparo, CEO / Founder of Hio Social

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