Island Stone

Doubling down on an adventurous foundation

As the pioneers who brought Indonesian pebble stone tile to households across the country for over 20 years, Island Stone looked to reestablish its place in an industry facing an evolving distribution model. 

Brand Session

Photography Coordination & Art Direction

Catalogue Design

Launch Guidance

Stationery & Collateral

Social Media Graphics

Ongoing Consulting (Brand Management, Marketing)

More than pebble tile.


Island Stone had become synonymous with pebble tile despite offering products spanning glass, timber, and other stone tile lines. In addition, the traditional showroom distribution model for the industry was increasingly evolving to more unique e-commerce models directly targeting consumers.

Due to these factors, Island Stone recognized the need to evolve its perception in the marketplace beyond pebble tile, especially if more consumers would be experiencing the brand. 


Working with Island Stone’s new Marketing Director, employee and customer surveys were distributed to better understand the brand’s value both internally and externally. 

We discovered Island Stone was also known to represent Adventure, Quality Materials, and Innovation rooted in the spirit of the wanderlust founders who had started the company 20 years earlier in Bali, Indonesia. 

Thus, we developed a new brand strategy and refreshed visual identity system mapping to the company’s vibrant appreciation for discovery/exploration, design, and the timeless materials that had made it so successful to date. 

By amplifying the emotional traits of Island Stone (vs. functional pebble tile), we helped elevate the company to be a more valuable and experiential lifestyle-bound brand ready to attract both showroom and consumer audiences alike. 

Dial up the foundational spirit.

Catalogue Design

Social Media Graphics

Banner Design

“You all are awesome to work with! It is so satisfying to have advocated for this expense with the CEO and COO and to then hear them so impressed with the process and result. Your team is very organized and has an amazing sense for identifying the core characteristics of our brand and creating visuals that complement and amplify the brand.

Brand Camp is an excellent program. Your work allowed me to maximize my time and energy (as a new Marketing Director to the company) and launched our company to a solid position in the market within a few short months. Our company saw a return on our investment with Four Fin Creative within one quarter.”

– Jennifer Schoeneck, Director of Marketing, Island Stone

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