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Mission Edge consults the social impact sector, from early-stage ideas to established non-profits looking to maximize their business impact.

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Varying stakeholder mindsets.


What began seven years earlier as a way to give mission-driven organizations (aka non-profits) an ‘edge’ by way of improving their business operations, Mission Edge was ready to show the world it truly believed social impact and the mission-driven venture could be profitable. When we met though, the company struggled to have internal alignment and a brand that conveyed this bold perspective. Furthermore, Mission Edge still needed to appeal to its traditional non-profit client without leaving them behind amidst a changing model.

Constant is change
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Having “social impact” as a business comes in many different shapes and sizes, as we learned. With a newly developed brand concept; ‘Real. Good. Impact.’, Mission Edge put a stake in the ground to communicate its belief in the ventures out there with potential to create truly lasting social impact. The brand would now emphasize the kindred vision of sustaining impact both young social ventures and established non-profits could relate to. 

A bold, fresh new visual identity celebrates impact and its potential for growth beyond just profits. The new logomark utilizing Mission Edge’s initials clearly alludes to the company’s own impact in helping clients build sustainable ventures focused on long term social and business impact. 

Additionally, the evolved colors and graphic elements provide a dynamic system that avoids alienating more traditional clients while inviting in a newer segment of design-minded audiences.


Own impact, not structure.

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“Working with FourFin is a dream! I’m saying that in the present tense because, while we finished Brand Camp in January, they have been by our side this whole time helping us roll out our new brand! I cannot recommend this agency enough. They are smart, creative, and really professional. They ask all the right questions to get to the heart of what a company is trying to express. 10/10 recommend.”

– Kacie Brennell, Mission Edge

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Chiao Huang

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Emma O'Regan

Emma O'Regan

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