Shifting the perspective on video conferencing

Panacast provides immersive, 180 degree video conferencing experiences, a first for the B2B technology space.

Brand Strategy and Visual Refresh

Website Strategy, Design and Development

Lifestyle & Product Photography

Custom Illustrations & Iconography

Technical and confusing, even for enterprise.


As Altia Systems’ key hardware product, Panacast was gaining traction in small circles as a revolutionary innovation. The existing product marketing though, was overly wordy and technical for its intended B2B audiences, who after all, are humans too.

Additionally, delineating between the product brand and parent brand caused confusion, signaling the need for better branding hierarchy.


Four Fin explored the Panacast user experience of 180 degree conferencing for remote participants. By uncovering the emotional benefits and lifestyle surrounding the use of the product more so than the functionality, we were able to develop a new website with messaging that steers clear of the technical lingo so common for product marketing.

The new website experience was organized to showcase Panacast in the main navigation and ensure Altia was the brand behind the product, creating more clarity around the relationship between parent and product brands.

Through the lens
of the user.

Responsive E-Commerce Website
with Custom Visual Assets

Lifestyle and Product Photography


  • Altia Systems was acquired for $129 Million by GN Audio in 2019, and the Panacast brand is now part of the Jabra line of products. 

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