Branding the backbone
of farm data

Leaf’s API makes it easy for developers to build with farm data from thousands of platforms including farm machinery, satellites, and drones. In other words, Leaf gives developers farm data superpowers.

What They Got
Brand Strategy 
Visual Identity
Custom Illustrations

A bootstrapped brand.


Leaf was growing rapidly but lacked a professional brand to match the company’s success to-date. Like so many early stage companies, Leaf had developed its own visual identity and knew they needed to look outside to uplevel their brand.

As products were scaling and company milestones needed to be announced, the need for a fresh, professional image was imperative.


During our three week Brand Sessions sprint, we discovered how Leaf creates favorable conditions for tech innovation in food & agriculture through its API. This big idea we termed ‘Ripe Conditions,’  allowed us to conceptualize and build a refreshing visual identity that evokes potential, and connectivity.

The colors, graphical elements, and illustration style combine to immediately signify that this is simultaneously a tool for software developers and an agriculture product, without an overt farm-feel. The technology is robust, and the brand communicates this in a friendly and simple way.

Ripe, simple, friendly.

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