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Helping a brand growing at breakneck speed stay on course

BAM, an independent PR and Marketing services powerhouse, represents barrier-breaking brands in the enterprise and consumer tech space. We share a love for stories, fast-paced and disruptive startups, and bold branding as a tool for growth. 

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Storytelling with the power to scale.


BAM found itself facing several key challenges centered around a theme common for young, thriving businesses: Rapid growth.

BAM’s work was garnering attention from a larger, higher cache client roster, they were adding a more diverse staff and services, and had new ideas for moving the company forward. They needed to consistently grow their brand to keep up without losing the personality that got them there. They needed a partner nimble enough to move fast, and equip their team to move stories forward.


Frequent re-alignment of the brand to keep up with growth supports the firm’s position as an innovator and leader in the field. The latest brand refresh introduces bold team photography, videography, and custom conceptual art. The updates more accurately represent the agency while supporting BAM’s lasting commitment to moving stories forward for their clients. 

Flexible, up-leveled visual assets to keep BAM moving fast.

Event Branding

Every touchpoint matters for a brand. For BAM, their marketing and growth strategy involved connecting people in real ways, to tell real stories. They have podcasts, Media Matchmaking Days, and a curated even for Comms professionals at VC funds. Four Fin has been their go-to resource to keep the caliber high for all of these activities. 

Extension into event branding and design that match brand caliber, but stand alone.


  • Competitive advantage in their ability to attract top talent 
  • Getting the right leads in their sales funnel due to business and brand alignment
  • Acquired in April of 2023 by Global Communications firm LLYC 

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