Lovesong Beauty

As nature intended

Lovesong Beauty aims to create beauty products that are truly all-natural and truly work, a combination that’s hard to successfully accomplish. The husband and wife duo behind Lovesong were bravely preparing to enter the multibillion dollar beauty industry. 

Creating a new brand, from the visual identity to packaging to web, that would express this rare feat was our task at hand. We love a good challenge.

What They Got
Brand Strategy 
Brand Messaging
Visual Identity 
Packaging Design
Website Design
Branded Collateral 
Social Styling and Guides

Beauty made simple.

Lovesong would initially launch with two hair care products, but the brand needed to convey its deep commitment and confidence in using only natural ingredients. Quite literally, ingredients found in the wild and not the lab.  

Without ascribing to the overly eco vibe, we explored a look that honored the simple, elegant beauty found in nature. The result became an inviting design system that incorporates soft hues, botanical-inspired graphics, and a natural photography style.

Lovesong Packaging

Lovesong’s founders were able to run with the new brand; photoshoots of the new labeling/packaging, quickly launching a Shopify site, and developing a social media presence ready for the world.  


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